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What is GripStart?


 GripStart is a patented device (US Patent No. 8,888,152) that assists starting any pull-start engine. GripStart completely eliminates the need for hand dexterity or strength.  The hardest part about starting a pull start engine is keeping your hand firmly grasped around the handle.  An individual's arm has plenty of strength to pull the handle, but the grip strength in the hand is much more limited, causing the handle to slip through the fingers and give you a painful reminder that there must be something better.  GripStart was designed and patented to solve this problem.  GripStart is a safety device that can drastically minimize hand injuries as well as give people the peace of mind that they can still do things on their own.  GripStart is made in the USA. 

How does GripStart Work?


 GripStart is made up of a high quality, durable neoprene and nylon strap that secures around your wrist, and an ergonomic metal hook that sits directly in the center of your palm.  The hook is designed to allow for use on virtually any size or style pull-start handle.  When you grab the handle, the hook easily slides around the handle as if it's not even there.  When you pull to start your engine, the hook grasps the handle tight and the only strength you need to start the engine is coming from your arm.  Your hand no longer needs to hold the handle tight and pray it doesn't slip through your fingers because your grip gives out.  Once your engine is running, your hand and the GripStart easily slip away from the handle.  After using the GripStart for a little while you'll almost forget that it's even there. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed


We believe that if GripStart does not help you start your engine easier, you shouldn't have to pay. We offer a 30-day return policy.


Who can benefit from using Gripstart?

  •   A teenage boy who is mowing the lawn for the first time.
  •  A retired man with arthritis in his hands who wishes to be independent again.
  •  A woman who has never had enough strength in her hands to start the leaf blower.
  •  A laborer who lost the use of his hand in a work accident.
  •  An arborist who starts his chainsaw 100 times a day and wants something to take the stress off his hands.

These are just a few of the people who use GripStart.  All of them have one main thing in common:

  • They do not have the strength in their hand that's needed to hold the handle when starting their pull-start engines.


  •  Lawn mower
  • Weed whacker
  • Chainsaw
  • Leaf blower
  • Generator
  • Go kart
  • Atv
  • Mini bike
  • etc

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What Our Customers Say

Buck L.

"GripStart gave me my independence back!  I am able to start my equipment without help from anyone."

Joe S.

"I have such trouble starting my chainsaws because the handle would just slip through my fingers.  With the GripStart, I just start my chainsaw with no problems. "

David G.

"I have been looking for this sort of thing for many years.  Finally it's here!"

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 GripStart is proudly manufactured and assembled right here in the USA in Philadelphia, PA.